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Create Online Surveys

Online Surveys and Email Marketing. Better Together.

Get instant feedback from your contacts with easy-to-use online survey tools.


Create custom surveys and polls.

Start with our pre-written questions and tweak them, or craft your own. Choose from seven survey question types—from multiple choice to open-ended questions to sliding scales. Add your logo and colors to make your survey look like your business.

Using an online survey tool is an easy way to gather the feedback you need to segment your subscriber list. Then you can improve your conversion rates by tailoring your marketing messages to each customer segment.

We offer you the tools to automatically segment your database for you.

Private Email Invitations

Send secure and personalized survey invites to your contact list.


Drag and Drop Editor

Build surveys quickly with an intuitive drag and drop editor. It's just like playing with Lego.

Responsive Survey Design

Deliver beautiful responsive surveys to your respondents on any device or browser.


Themes & Branding

Choose a theme or create a unique survey design that fits your brand's image.

Gain a competitive edge

Gather valuable information from your customers, newsletter recipients or anonymous respondents using responsive online surveys and enhance your future marketing based on the feedback.

  • Improve your services or products based on customer feedback
  • Send targeted email campaigns using stored survey answers
  • Make smarter decisions with real-time report data

Build responsive surveys using eight building blocks


Answer Dropdown


Radio Button


Multiple Answers


Free Response


Rate Items


Comment Block


Contact Form


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Open-Ended Questionnaires

As the name implies, these surveys present questions that are left open – they can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

These questionnaires can help you gather a lot of information, including how your audience feels about your products or the market in general.

Because these surveys tend to be more time consuming, using this approach means you are also asking more of your subscribers.

Web-Based Surveys

HTML makes it possible to embed surveys and polls directly into your email. However, whether or not they function properly is an entirely different story.

The problem is that most of the widely used mail clients will automatically strip or disable any such forms included in a message.

Even getting plaintext surveys to function as intended can be a tricky endeavor in the inbox.

Truth be told, this is currently the most reliable way to leverage surveys as an email marketer.


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