Slide blank Maintaining Email List Get 10% Off on your First Purchase. Get Started Targeted and personalized communication helps you increase email engagement rates. Use the information you gather at signup, purchase, or throughout the subscription lifecycle to display custom and dynamic content in your emails.

Subscriber Management

Email list and subscriber management

Create more trust with your subscribers keeping their information up to date. We make your life easier with list de-duplication,
segmentation, bounced and unsubscribed email automatic handling.


Easily import subscribers

Collect subscribers through our sign-up forms and API integrations.

Or, upload your subscriber email lists via TXT, CSV or copy/paste from Excel. ClickDotMailer recognizes every field automatically and lets you organize them.

Duplicates and bad records will disappear like magic.

List Growth & Health Reports

It’s all about two-way communication. The more you know about your subscriber activities, habits and interests, the better and more targeted will be your email campaigns and the higher your ROI. 

Get to know your audience in greater detail by examining the list growth patterns and overall health report or digging deeper in his/her detailed profile.

Remove your inactive subscribers automatically. You’ll save money by removing those stale emails while keeping a healthy sender reputation. Moreover, you’ll get higher open/click rates which will improve deliverability.


Create segments

Segmentation divides your subscribers into smaller audiences based on a set of characteristics that will help you deliver more targeted emails. Segment by location, age, behavior or whatever is most relevant to you.

  • By interests
  • By email engagement
  • By behavior using automation
  • By signup form
  • By geography and time zone
  • Create unlimited number of contact lists and access them 24/7
  • Search, add, delete or modify your contacts at any time
  • Add as many custom data fields to your contact list as you need
  • Keep your list clean by automatically removing duplicates
  • Easily export your contact lists to an XLS or CSV file
  • Create different email list segments for more accurate targeting
  • Know the average open, CTR and bounce rate of your lists
  • Follow the growth stats of your lists by days, weeks and months
  • Get user statistics by devices, email clients and geo location
  • See full subscriber details, including a picture from social networks
  • View user activity history since they signed up for newsletters
  • Add personal notes to each subscriber for further communication

Engage your audience for better ROI.

ClickDotMailer helps you grow.