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Our Email Marketing Features

ClickDotMailer provides all the latest email marketing features
designed to help you grow subscribers and build stronger relationships.

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Create amazing campaigns

Forget about hiring a designer. Our drag & drop editor allows you to build professional and beautiful newsletters on your own. No HTML skills required!

  • Drag & drop editor
  • Rich text editor
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Newsletter templates

Deliver the right message

Personalize your campaigns with our advanced targeting features and deliver the right email to each subscriber when it’s right for them. The best part—you can set it up in minutes.

  • Email automation
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Promotion pop-ups

Real-Time Email Analytics

Reacting quickly to trends and subscriber activity data helps you get better marketing results. ClickDotMailer helps you access accurate reporting and real-time data so you can beat your goals.

  • Track opens, links clicked and who has unsubscribed
  • See exact reason for bounced emails
  • Get specific email client, device and browser report
  • Use Google Analytics for advanced conversion tracking
  • Discover where your readers are using GEO-location report

A/B Testing

Test email campaigns easily.

Use one of the four email elements to create an A/B split test campaign and find out which element of the two email versions performs the best – then send the winner to the rest of your audience.

  • Email content or CTA
  • Sending day and time
  • Subject line
  • From name

Social Media Integration

Make information available to users who are not subscribed to your email list by connecting users to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to automatically post your campaigns on those networks. Build a new stream of potential customers with social media referral traffic and deliver your content to a wider audience.


Visual HTML Code Editor

Perfect for HTML savvy email marketers, code editor gives the flexibility to experienced users. You can build an email from scratch or paste your email template HTML code on one side of the screen and instantly see the result on the other side while you're editing it.


List Segmentation

Increase your conversion rates by segmenting your subscriber list. Your customers are telling you exactly what they want from your emails. ClickDotMailer helps you to understand those preferences and organize contacts so you can deliver tailored messages. Become a top-of-mind brand and gain a new stream of followers byintegrating social media with your email marketing campaigns.


Sign-up forms

Sign-up forms are an important part of growing your audience. Having strategically placed sign-up forms will help you grow your contact list quickly and will help collect additional information about your existing subscribers. ClickDotMailer makes it easy to create, set-up and customize your sign-up forms, and then manages confirmations for you. 


High sending capacity

ClickDotMailer will deliver! Some organizations must scale email sending capacity, quickly. Some require seasonal or cyclical large volume sending. Some require fast delivery. Some require dedicated IPs, image and/or content hosting – All the while, respecting each individual ISP’s ever-changing sending/receiving rules and throughput limits.


Automated list hygiene

List hygiene is essential to your email marketing best practices. ClickDotMailer automatically adds an unsubscribe link to every campaign. We then automatically track and manage unsubscribe requests, so those contacts are removed from future mailings. We also report when emails bounce.

Engage your audience for better ROI.

ClickDotMailer helps you grow.