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Automation for Professionals

Treat your customers like the unique humans they are with targeted email sequences or perfectly-timed campaigns based on triggered responses.


Dynamic Email Content

ClickDotMailer's dynamic email content feature lets you create and automatically deliver HTML content tailored to your subscriber segments. It lets you easily create a unique and engaging experience for your email recipients.

The system will generate a unique email content for each of the targeted audiences based on various customer attributes like name, gender, email domain, age, geographical location, purchase history and other data you have about the user.

Readers are more engaged with relevant messages, and you can achieve this by using dynamic content in your email campaigns.

Behavior Based Automation

Lead nurturing and relationship building on auto-pilot

To gain more focus, more revenue and more time, you know you need to automate.

Speak to your most engaged customers differently to those who are drifting away. With ClickDotMailer, you can quickly perform segmentation based on your subscribers’ past engagement.

This insight allows you to deliver relevant and frequent content to your active customers, or send Reengagement Campaigns that revive inactive customers.


RSS & XML Driven Emails

Marketing automation is about delivering timely and relevant information to people based on their preferences. Email your blog posts and news portal updates automatically with the RSS-to-email feature.

Emails based on XML have a wider range of possibilities, particularly suitable for online retailers that send product prices, discount codes, related products and deal expiration dates.

Set it and forget it. Publish your content on your site and we will deliver regular email newsletters for you on the daily/weekly basis or as soon as you post something new.

Engage your audience for better ROI.

ClickDotMailer helps you grow.